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A.Gallery is an independent art gallery specialising in the promotion of new visual art from around the U.K. We offer a unique support system to new graduate and emerging artists through exhibition and networking opportunities.
A.Gallery: 87 Saltmarket Glasgow G1 5LE
0141 552 9935

Monday 28 November 2011

Artists Wanted!

If you are a new art graduate or emerging fine art photographer, painter or printmaker looking for support within the art industry, JOIN A.GALLERY! We are a new independent fine art gallery and support network specialising in offering an alternative creative platform to showcase the best of new contemporary art that the U.K has to offer.

A.Gallery offers numerous exhibition, events and press opportunities to make your name and your work known in the current art community from Glasgow to the rest of the U.K.
We are currently setting up a database of artists to show in our opening exhibition in January 2012.

Currently we have on board:
Jennifer Fergie fine art photography
Laura Mairs painting and printmaking and
Michelle Roberts painting and printmaking.

We are looking for another two artists to join us in the first exhibition in January and others to join our database for future shows and events.
If you are interested in anything offered by A.Gallery or have any questions pleases contact us at:

email: j.fergie@hotmail.com
tel no: 07411771431
facebook: A.Gallery

Archive: 'Triptych' Jennifer Fergie 2008

'Out of Focus ' exhibition Saatchi Gallery May 23rd-July 13th 2012

1,2 and 3: John Stezaker
4: David Noonan
5,6 and 7: Marlo Pascual

Monday Monday.

Some pretty images to brighten up this dull day! 'Plummetology' (2008-2009) Jennifer Fergie

Wednesday 23 November 2011

We fund at We Fund

A.Gallery is now open for donations and sponsorship through We Fund (www.wefund.com). Any contribution will go towards the down payment for the lease of our premises.  As well as funding from The Princes Trust and personal contributions, we need to raise £3000.00 by the end of January 2012 to start up in our new premises.

Donation     Gift

£5.00        A huge thank you on our website, blog and Facebook page as well as 
                regular updates on upcoming exhibitions and events.

£10.00       One limited edition postcard print of one of our resident artists      
                of your choice as well as notification on all exhibitions and   

£20.00       Special invitation to the opening of A.Gallery first exhibition
                to receive a first look at what art we have on offer. Also two 
                postcard prints from your artist of choice.

£50.00       Special invitation to the opening exhibition,priority invitations                                          
                to exhibitions and event within the following six months, three  
                postcard prints of your choice and six months worth of free
                sponsorship of your business, company, band etc on our blog,
                Facebook page and website.

£100.00+      All of the above, plus one limited edition framed photography 
Any donation will be much appreciated. You will be investing in the future of art. Thank you.
Go to www.wefund.com or email j.fergie@hotmail.com

More exciting new contemporary fine artists to follow.

You know who you are!

'Everything is pretty when you are in your twenties' (Jennifer Fergie 2011)

Getting you in the mood for what we will be offering..............


Any fine art Photographers, Painters and Printmakers who would be interested in becoming involved with A.Gallery can send three images of your work to j.fergie@hotmail.com to be a part of the gallery's opening exhibition in 2012.